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Paleo Tips Video # 2: Seeking Support for Encouragement and Accountability

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Seeking Support for Encouragement and Accountability

No man is an island. The support from family and friends can be crucial to your weight loss efforts.
Ideally, you should also have an accountability partner. When you’re starting off on the paleo diet, you will not be able to eat the usual comfort foods such as chips, junk food, sodas, etc.

All these temptations are best kept at bay. Don’t expect sheer will-power to keep you disciplined. You will merely be torturing yourself. It would be fantastic if your family members are supportive and join you on the paleo quest. Their health will vastly improve too.

There is no doubt that this will be a huge step for them and the sacrifices required may deter some of them. If this is the case, do explain to them to keep their foods that are no-nos to your diet, out of your reach and sight.

By involving your family in your quest to lose weight and adopt the paleo way, they’ll be more considerate towards your goals and help you progress. It can be tough to eat cold fruit while you watch them eating ice-cream or chocolate brownies soaking in vanilla ice-cream. Old habits die hard.

The first month or two will be the most difficult because of the body’s inertia and resistance to change. After some time, your body will adjust and accept the paleo diet. Till then, you should seek your family and friends’ support to help you through the journey.

If they can’t help, that’s ok… but they shouldn’t throw roadblocks. Friends who call you out for a few beers will not only be tempting you but also impeding your progress.
Avoid them till you’ve reached your goal.

It would be a good idea to have a friend who acts as an accountability partner. This is someone who will ask you about your progress daily. Are you compliant with the paleo diet? Did you meet your calorie requirements?

Did you complete your training session? And most importantly… Did you fail to comply with your paleo diet or did you skip your training? And why?

It’s easier to lie and make excuses to yourself than to someone else. That’s why having to be accountable to someone will make you think twice about cheating on your diet or skipping your training. Do get support from friends and family to achieve your weight loss goals.

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