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Cool Strawberry Juice RecipeCool Strawberry Juice Recipe for Weight LossBy HealthNewsToday.infoHome made strawberry juice. This is a great juice for weight loss. It helps you to shed pounds and sweep away toxins and is a great way to help achieve that goal.
Gazpacho Soup RecipeDetox Diet: Gazpacho Soup RecipeBy Kitchen KingGazpacho, as you may know, is a Spanish dish. It is composed mainly of fresh veggies and is deemed perfect for summer. A great recipe for Detox Diet.
Herbal Iced-TeaHerbal Iced Tea: For Nervous TensionBy Weightloss GuruDrink a cup of this tea before going to bed each night for several weeks to calm overwrought nerves, lift depression, and help you fall asleep more easily.
Black Bean RecipeBlack Bean Salad for Weight Loss RecipeBy Health LoverThe black beans consists of high protein and fiber contents and is considered very nourishing as both these essential elements are present within one food item.
Fab Creamy Zucchini Yogurt SoupFab Creamy Zucchini Yogurt SoupBy Health LoverA favorite vegan soup recipe of my family. It's a great soup to serve on cool summer nights too. It's even better to have on hand when it's too hot. So try it and enjoy too!
Zucchini Vegan RecipeLemon Herb Salmon and ZucchiniBy Health LoverThis yummy recipe is very quick and easy to prepare, and all made on a single pan. And the salmon is packed with so much flavor. Saves you time in the kitchen while filling your tummy.
Green-Smoothie1Afternoon Kale SmoothieBy Weightloss GuruThe most important thing to remember when blending a meal replacement smoothie is to include proteins and healthy fats. This combination will guarantee satiety and give you enough energy until your next meal.