Top 10 Tips With Drive Thru Food Near Me

I support Houston’s independent voice and help keep Houston’s future free. It is too hot to cook at home. Even on days with record heat and a few clouds, it is too hot for me to brave the parking lot and sit in an air-conditioned restaurant. 

With a goal in mind that is miles ahead of you, a quick pit stop at the next fast-food drive-through can not only ease hours of monotonous driving, but also fuel for the journey ahead. Drive-thru access makes it easy to grab a meal when you want to hit the road. 

To help you make smarter choices on the road, we’ve put together the best and worst meals at some of the most popular drive-through spots across the country. Before you do, check out these 25 ways to slim down on fast food orders. Dig in and take a healthier path.

At less than 200 calories, soft chicken tacos are a healthy alternative to burritos and Doritos Locos tacos. They provide satiating protein with much less fat, sodium and carbohydrates. The tacos are packed with seasoned beef, three cheese blends, rice, beans, avocado, ranch sauce, guac and low-fat sour cream. Make them outdoors and top them up with guac and pico de gallo, and you have a balanced meal. 

Complement your meal with a vegan side, such as a broccoli loco salad that contains cheese. Harold Kumar would approve of the vegan sliders White Castles make an impossible burger. Order them simply or with a sweet Thai sauce that contains the cheese. Fill in your order with one side of French fries. White Castle began testing vegan cheesemaking options with Best of the Planet cheese in select markets in March 2020 for a trial period. 

A little-known vegan fast food fact: Aunt Anne’s original cinnamon sugar sweet almond-garlic-jalapeno-raisin pretzels can be vegan by ordering them with butter. Crinkle Cut fries, hash browns, avocado sticks and vegetable bowls are all vegan approved. Tacos are vegan if you order them with cheese. 

The most difficult part of ordering from Bareburger is not figuring out what you can eat, but deciding what fits in your stomach. The menu includes sandwiches, side dishes, hot dogs, crucibles and carrot cake. When we started, April Fool’s Day became a reality when we served vegan fried chicken. 

Fried prawns and fish with Cajun rice, lemon pepper chips and, you guessed it, snow crab thighs. We haven’t tried anything at this Beltway 8 and Westheim eatery, but everyone is talking and everyone is drooling. One thing is for sure: if you want to indulge in authentic soul food and seafood, this place is your name. 

Esther recently opened a new restaurant, Esther Signature, which offers real soul food brunch. Guests will find everything from chicken waffles (one of my favourites) to fish and cheese buns and buttery toast. Esther is also a Soul Food Cajun Café, which serves daily specialties such as shrimp and lobster etofee smothered in Cajun pork chops. 

The Cajun classic of the boudin and fried boudin balls are not to be missed. The turkey leg hut takes its name as part of its typical dish. Turkey legs prevail here, while they smoke turkey legs slowly, which can be stuffed with homemade dirty rice and spiced up with one of their many sauce options. They also offer Hennessy, Ciroc and Mango Glaze. 

In our Best of Houston 2005 edition, it was awarded for this. Beef cheeks are not the only delicacy on offer at this institution in Houston, one of the few places in the city where barbacoa is cooked in an old-fashioned way. It’s a drive-in in almost every name, and they encourage people to drive to Old Heights to try the Gerardo Barbacoa Menudo, but come prepared to wait. 

Raising Canes is a fast-food joint that catches up with Burger King in drive-through time, making it one of the nation’s fastest drive-in restaurants. Many claim that their minimalist menu helps not to make the journey too complicated. See what’s on the Raising Cane menu on your next trip to visit. 

With digital ordering and multi-lane thoroughfares, fast food chains are stepping up their game when it comes to a faster customer experience. Check out these surprising drive-through stats before you roll into your next Big Mac. See Carl’s Junior’s menu before your next visit. 

According to Technomics’ 2009 Breakfast Consumer Trends Report, 22 percent of consumers cite the availability of drive-through service as one of the three main reasons they visit their favorite breakfast restaurant. Nowadays, customers have countless options when they choose your facility. As we have seen, your employees can sow the seeds for a return visit in the minds of customers. 

The order confirmation screen has been cited as one of the top drive-through improvements that consumers want to see. Providing customers with a visual overview of the ordered items and the final total helps to confirm the accuracy. Real-time reporting enables customers to make corrections quickly. 

There are a few things you need to know before heading to one of these drive-ins. Screenings are weather dependent, and rain or wind can lead to cancellations. Drive-ins require you to tune in to a Latent FM station to hear the sound. 

Be sure to check out the theater rules and FAQs before heading out for a movie night. Whether you’re creating your Netflix watch list or tired of watching the inside of your home, here are five options for a drive-in theater in Houston.

When it comes to food, expect fair-style government concessions with plenty of options, including jalapeno poppers, cheesy fries, funnel cakes, candies and, of course, popcorn. Showboat tickets come in two forms: individually or by car, depending on the show. Food can be ordered via the Fanfare app and picked up at the concession stand. 

If you are able to make a donation to support this effect, your gift fills a box of food for our neighbors in Service Area 18 of the District. Through our partnership with manufacturers and retailers, we can transform a dollar into access to three meals. 

Bringing food into the Community is a crucial need at this time. We are looking for donations of face coverings that we can make available to our staff and partners so that we can continue to help those in need as much as possible. 

More and more Houstonians are interested in helping local facilities, employees and owners who suffer from COVID-19 and its social distancing requirements. Due to the current ban on restaurants, we have compiled a list of local bars, restaurants and drive-in restaurants, none of which are corporate chains. 

In the battle for favourite doughnuts, Dunkin Donuts (15) beat Krispy Kreme (23). It’s been a big year for chicken chains, and we’ll give you a guess as to why a particular chain ended up on the list (note: Popeyes and their chicken sandwiches) at number 14 on our list. It’s a bit odd that Carl’s Jr. comes in at number 20, while the twin sister chain Hardees comes in at 30.

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