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Why Hemorrhoids do Require Some Medical Attention?

Why Hemorrhoids do Require Some Medical Attention?

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Hemorrhoids do require some medical attention, because they can cause gangrene.

In general, if you feel any bulges or pressure near the anus, you could have hemorrhoids. When they are smaller, you may not feel anything because they have no effect on the function of the anus. External hemorrhoids are the ones that can cause the most problems. It can be very painful and requires medical attention. External hemorrhoids will heal, eventually, but scarring or discomfort when bathing maybe a side effect.

When you seek medical attention, your doctor will put you on a grading system. First-degree hemorrhoids will bleed but not protrude from the anus. Second-degree hemorrhoids are protruding, but retract by them and can bleed. Third degree hemorrhoids are protruding and can be pushed back with a finger. The fourth degree hemorrhoid is protruding and cannot be pushed back in. They contain blood clots and pull much of the rectum through the anus.

Prevalence of hemorrhoidal disease increases with age until the seventh decade and then diminishes slightly. Hemorrhoids also increase in pregnancy due to direct pressure on the rectal veins.

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